A rewards programme that works.

Acknowledges loyal customers & builds relationships like no other.

Traditional rewards programmes don't give results

Rewards programmes often have low visibility and engagement - but ours is different...

  • Acknowledges loyal customers
  • Builds relationships & keeps us in touch
  • To move stock and promote new product
  • Keeps customers from defecting
  • Prompts customer to make extra purchases
  • Enhances the value of the brand
  • A tool for collecting customer data & tracking their behaviour
  • Improves efficiency & effectiveness of marketing efforts
  • Encourages prompt account payment

Tap into your premium customer base

The gilpin Rewards App works on an invitation only basis and allows you to target and engage with owner operators, building more valuable relationships. View our case study for more information.

What you'll get

Our unique rewards programme offering includes...

No fees or markups

What you see is what you get, with our rewards programme you'll have no hidden costs or unexpected yearly fees.

Senior Travel Consultant

Each of your clients will be assigned a senior Travel Consultant from Gilpin

Electronic monthly newsletter

We’ll set you up with a newsletter template that can be sent out to your rewards programme clients on a monthly basis.

Personalised website & login

You’ll have the ability to personalise the login and website pages of your clients depending on their needs.

Watch our Case Study

To learn more about the Gilpin Rewards App.

Start your own club

If you’re interested in enhancing your customer relationships through our rewards programme, send us an email enquiry below